I have been looking for an early 100cc Lobito for some time, having just missed a nice example just a dozen miles away. One day a Facebook Bultaco member mentioned having a later, Mk. 5 125 for sale. It turned out to be a project bike in a shed hard by a Louisiana bayou. Not exactly what I was looking for of course, but it was reasonably priced and had a new Vape electronic ignition installed. With my Matador SD restoration nearing completion and no other projects on the horizon, I decided to rescue the poor little wolf. 

With a couple of co-conspirators for company we hooked the trailer to the faithful Xterra and headed west.  Of course the bike was worse than expected; the tank suffers from a bad repair and some other damage. the frame is cracked at the headstock, and a few pieces are missing. On the plus side, the motor looks good visually and turns over smoothly. We refitted the rear wheel to load it on the trailer and tied it down.

The owner, a stereotypical bayou dweller offered to put us up in his hunting lodge. Given the state of his shop and property, we had our concerns, but were pleasantly surprised as the lodge was really nicely appointed. A couple of burgers and early to bed, early to rise to head home to Florida.  The trip was fairly uneventful despite encountering blinding rain in both directions and hitting a tree that fell onto the highway. All in it was 1,400 miles in two days and the Lobito was in the shed awaiting its rebirth.


Here's a few photos taken as the bike was picked up:


A shot showing the hunting lodge and a depiction of what the Lobito should look like.