Several years ago I purchased a Mk.9 Matador from a fellow in York, PA. He had at the time a Matador Six Days which he'd owned from new, but was unwilling to sell. In the pandemic summer of 2020, he decided to sell the bike and all his remaining Bultaco parts, books, etc. After some remote negotiations, my longtime coconspirator Neil and I headed up the near thousand miles to pick it up. Good to his word, the seller filled up my Xterra with Bultaco treasures as we loaded the Matador onto the trailer. The bike was very original and, though a little tired, included all the rare original Six Days parts as well as some new parts. He said I would be happy with the deal and he was right.


Here's a shot of the bike as found in Pennsylvania and some of the associated items included.


Although very complete, the bike required, and deserved, a full restoration. It was stripped to the bare frame and and all parts were refurbished and refinished. A conscious effort was made to use as many original parts as possible.

Shortly after completing the SD, I contacted Real Classics magazine as a follow up to a previous article. They printed this letter and photos. As did Motorcycle Classics below.

After  months of cancelled events I was finally able to enter the Matador in the February 2022 2 Stroke Show in southwest Florida. 

It was  judged to be the best European motorcycle. I actually had hopes for Best in Show as the first judging team loved the bike, but apparently the second team was not so enamored. 

In any event, it was wonderful to hear all the compliments from spectators and fellow competitors as well.

Note the tool kit and owners manual displayed on the seat.


May 2023: We took the SD up to Sevierville, TN for the quaintly named Possum Vintage Gathering. Actually, a well attended and competitive event whose name was chosen as a jape at the Quail Vintage Gathering. Against a tough field of about 30 bikes from the 60's and 70's, the SD once again was selected as Best in Class. Very enjoyable event, highly recommended.