The Tralla Sport (TS) was the very first racing Bultaco. The first example was built within a few months of Bultaco's beginning production of their first model, the Tralla. The TS models were assembled in the newly established race shop, a small area in the factory about the size of a two car garage. Over the next three years (1959-61), Bultaco built somewhere between 16 and 19 TS models. Built in batches of two or three, each iteration became more advanced. In 1962, Bultaco introlduced the well known TSS (Tralla Super Sport), however the older TS still  remained competitive in national level races for a couple more years.

In period, the TS was a revelation. In its first race, the 1959 Spanish GP, competing against the all conquering Italian 125s, TS riders finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. A few weeks later, at Zaragosa, a one-two finish announced that the young Bultaco firm was producing motorcycles to be reckoned with. Over the next three years the TS was continuously improved and got faster yet, until finally being superceded by the first TSS.

Today, it is thought fewer than a half dozen remain, mostly in Spain. That is where this one was located. Its early history is unknown, though it is thought to be one of the last of the TS series, built in 1961. It received a refresh and repaint in the 1990's, was run in a few vintage races in Spain and France, and then consigned to the private Barcelona area museum from which I purchased it. As far as I know, there is not another in the USA.


Here's a few photos taken as the bike was delivered: