Here's a few bikes that passed through my hands in the pre-MotoEuro Garage era.

1966? Yamaha 80 Trailmaster. First bike, $325. Along with the 
beater Volvo shown, this was my transportation. All the real
money was in the race car. Awfu picture, but only one I have.

1970 Yamaha CT-1. Got into dirt riding and enduros. This shot during winter of 1971 shows it with lights removed, new knobbies, etc. Taken somewhere near Vernon, NJ.

In 1972 upgraded to a Yamaha CT-2. Put a 21" front on it, fork brace 
and Curnutt shocks. The reed valve motor had a lot more mid-range, 
big improvement over the CT-1.
Soon there was an arms race among the riding buddies. When Scott showed up with an Ossa Pioneer, I countered with this 1972 Bultaco Alpina 250. For more on this old warhorse go to the Alpina page.


There were several others for which I unfortunately have no photos.

The ones I recall include:
1969 Yamaha 180 Twin - the blue one.
1972 Yamaha R5C - first "big" bike, inspiration for my current R5S.
1968 BSA Royal Star - bought and sold without even a ride.
Bultaco 125 TSS - GP racer, paid $75, gave it away (don't ask).
1968 Bultaco Metralla Mk.II - cafe'd with IOM replica parts, now in NJ.

If I think of any others, I'll update this list.

The one that got away. I bought this 1977 Honda 400/4 with
700 miles on it. It was the last bike I bought in NJ before moving
to FL. Sold in the early 90's with 2400 miles and still pristine.