Sometimes serendipity strikes. Just three days after returning to the Garage with our newly purchased Frontera, browsing Craigslist I came upon a Mk.2 Campera. I've been on the lookout for a small bore dual sport Bultaco for some time. And there it was, a complete, original, running example for a very reasonable price. Of course it was in Connecticut, a thousand miles away. Fortunately, my life buddy Neil was heading up to NJ/PA to visit family and, having heard this hymn before, was willing to provide the transport. So, knowing I had the logistics covered, I called the owner and we quickly reached an agreement.

Here's a few photos from the Craigslist listing:

Finally,  after nearly three years languishing in the shed, the Campera is on the build table. Unlike all my other Bultacos, this will not be a restoration to original spec. Instead it will be built as a sporty road bike.

The first step is deconstruction, that is complete. The dry build, assembling the bike in its final form before disassembling for paint and polish is underway.

The build plan is still evolving, however some decisions (subject to change, of course) have been made. We have obtained a Mk.8 Pursang 250 motor. It will use an M102 cylinder, Mikuni carburetor and a silenced expansion chamber. The frame has had all extraneous brackets removed, a new sidestand is to be mounted on the left side. The battery has been eliminated, will instead run a UBL box to smooth out the electrics. We'll be using a Sherpa S swingarm (it's 1.5" longer) with custom shocks.  Metralla Mk. II handlebars with Campera levers. Body wise it will have a British sourced cafe style seat and Airtech road race style fender. The front will have Metralla 62 brake plate and Matador drum laced to a replica Akront 18" wheel. The rear will also use a similar wheel. Both will be oversize, shod with street rubber. There will be no side panels, but a Matador-style tool box will be added. An electronic dash will be fitted.

Early test fitting of tank, seat, swingarm, motor and pipe. I'll be posting more photos as the build progresses with the aim of completion Summer 2020.