Before there was a MotoEuro Garage there were 3+ decades of fooling around with cars. Lots of them. Mainly race cars and Porsches. Here’s a few old pictures from the archives.

1960 Bugeye Sprite. Introduced me to motorsports. Did everything
from drag racing to autocross and even ice racing. All the while, it
was my only car, drove to school, to work, even drive-ins.

1959 Morris Mini Minor. Originally an Alexander modified 850, I later converted it to 1100 Cooper S spec. Seen here at the Springtown (PA) hillclimb.

1959 Porsche 1600S coupe. Mild looking coupe housed a hotted
up motor built by Hans Zereis and a close ratio gearbox. This was
the last streetable car I raced.
1958 Porsche Speedster. Swapped the drivetrain from the coupe
into a lighter Speedster body. Was virtually unbeatable, won EP
hillclimb championship as well as a bunch of other races.

Formcar Formula Vee. Partnered with Kay Smith on this FV used to
obtain our SCCA race licenses. The large roll bar and white painted
lumpy nose came after Kay rolled it at a Marlboro (MD) regional race.
T56 Cooper Formula Jr. here at a National at the famous Lime Rock
(CT) "diving turn". 725 lbs, 100 HP dry sumped BMC motor, with a
 6 speed gearbox to keep it in the very narrow powerband.

1963 Sprite Mk.II. Priced out of formula racing and returning to
my roots. Built this Sprite with an 1100 engine to race in GP.
This is Reading Airport (PA) leading the race in (I think) 1970.
Quit racing in the mid-70's and got involved with Porsches and the
local NNJR region of PCA. Seen through the snow flakes are the
1973 914 and 1959 RSK Spyder 718-032, ex-Porsche Salzburg racer.

I got a super deal on this 924 from the local dealer. He got his money's
worth: It won overall at the 1977 Porscherama and in 1978 won both
the autocross and concours at the annual PCA Porsche Parade.
1955 Porsche 1500 Super. After helping Glenn Herman restore his
award winning 356B Roadster, I brought this coupe home from GA.
A lengthy restoration, it won Best in Show at the PCA Zone 1 concours.

1959 Series 1 Lotus Seven. Burned out on Porsche club politics I
decided to try some low key vintage racing. The Lotus was pretty
handy running a 1300cc BMC motor. Here on the grid for the first
Pittsburgh (PA) GP in 1984.


The last ever race car, my beloved 1959 Mk 1 Turner. Using the
drivetrain from the Lotus, I ran this car for 5 years. Other than 2
DNFs it was always a top 3 car. As sweet handling a car as I ever
drove. Sold it too quickly and still miss it.