I picked up this 1956 Triumph Cub from the same fellow who had the Ossa. It's pretty rare actually, 1956 was a transition year from the 150cc Terrier to the 200cc Cub. The plunger style  suspension and 16" wheels were specific to this year only. They combine to give this Cub a unique look.

It's missing an awful lot of parts and will require some serious effort to get done, but what's there looks to be in really good shape. The tinware is near perfect in prime with original Triumph tank badges and knee pads. The frame is straight, and the headlight shroud is nice. The wheels have been relaced with alloy rims. The motor turns over and has compression. There is no wiring so the electrics will need to be sorted out, probably a conversion to 12V included. This particular Cub was supposedly used for flat track racing at some point in its life. That's why it has a giant rear sprocket and explains the lack of all lighting and absence of original footrests.

We'll see how it goes from here. I have a vague idea of putting it together as a mini-bobber. But all that is contingent on figuring out the wiring and gettuing it to run. On the wiring: Lucas is of course the Prince of Darkness, and his darkest moments he developed the Energy Transfer (ET) system, a product so bad that even he dropped it to return to the olde way. Of course both my Triumphs are so inflicted.


This is sort of how I envision it; imagine a bobbed rear fender, tractor seat, and a high level exhaust pipe.

I got a lot of spares with the Cub, a spare motor, carburetors, heads, stators, and more. Not sure how good any of it is, but I got it.