I have been on the hunt for two more Bultacos to "complete" my collection of Paco Bulto's finest. I'm not really interested in motocross bikes and doubt I will ever find (another) TSS I can afford. So my twin goals are a big bore Frontera and a small bore Lobito or Campera.

June 2016, preparing to go to Mid-Ohio for the big AMA vintage weekend, I began searching the web for bikes and parts. I was taking a trailer up there anyway as a good friend was picking up his newly acquired Kawi Samurai scrambler. Checking Craigslist, where I had previously found my Matador, I spotted a Frontera Mk.9. My favorite, a 360, red with stainless fenders. It was largely original and looked good. It was also up around  Rochester, NY. But I called Bud after all.

Turns out he's a Bultaco nut as well but has been liquidating his stock. He's the second owner, has had it for some 37 years. It's pretty nice cosmetically, and very fresh mechanically with rebuilt motor, new wheel bearings and seals, fork bearings, chain and sprockets, tires, etc. In addition to the standard large tank with tool box, he had a newly painted optional GP tank and matching number plates.

We hit it off pretty well and quickly made a deal.

These are a few of the pictures he sent me of the Frontera:

So off we went to Mid-Ohio. Had a great time at the Vintage Meet, picked up the Kawasaki and headed up to Scottsville, NY. After a nice visit with Bud, we loaded the Frontera along side the Kawasaki and headed south. Two days and numerous Tim Horton stops later the MotoEuro Garage had a new addition.