This 1995 R100 GS-PD came to MotoEuro in a most serendipitous manner. In Fall 2007 Terri and I were in TX for the MSTA Hill Country Rally. Among the folks we met was Allan, a local resident, with this bike. He'd bought it years before for a planned trip to Alaska. For various reasons the trip never happened. I didn't see the bike but was told it was very nice and had under 10,000 from new.

Later, at a rally get together, our friend Cinda Mobley said she would love to have a BMW R1200ST which had recently been discontinued. We knew of a near new one back home in Jacksonville. After a series of calls a deal was made, Cinda and Brad would pick up the bike when they came to FL for Riding Into History.

When I got home I kept thinking about the PD. Brad vouched for its condition. I called Allan and we came to an agreement on price. Another call to Brad and he agreed to bring it east. So come May we pulled it out of the Mobley's van, put the R1200ST in and drank a few a celebratory beers.

1995 was the final year for the real GS-PD. In 1996 BMW produced a small number of PD Classics which were gussied up, chromed GS's. It wasn't until 2005 that BMW introduced the R1150 Adventure that there was a successor to the PD. But by then it had become a heavier and far more complex device, a trend that continues today.

It has ridden lead on a couple of vintage bike rides and somewhat regularly on BMW club rides. In 2012 our friends the Allens came in from OR and toured FL down to Key West aboard the PD. The next year it was used the lead motorcycle on the Riding Into History Grand Marshal Ride.

The weekend after the PD arrived it was part of a special display at Riding Into History. 


In the spring of 2015 I decided to "lighten up" the Garage collection, and concentrate on smaller, lighter bikes. Having only ridden the PD about 5,000 miles in seven years, I decided to sell the BMW. It quickly found a new home with a collector/rider in NE. 

I replaced the PD, and the Moto Guzzi sold couple of months earlier, with a Hodaka Ace 100B+ and a Mk.9 Bultaco Matador. Figure I saved about 700 pounds. 

Mission accomplished.