My 1972 Hodaka Ace 100B+ has a bit of an interesting back story. It was purchased new by a Wyoming rancher. For over 40 years it was used (and abused) by four generations of the rancher's family. In 2014 it was rescued and restored by local Hodaka enthusiast, Rod Patik. Rod is totally blind but enlisting help with paint, chrome and engine work, he completed a perfect nut and bolt restoration in less than a year.

I was fortunate enough to buy the Hodaka in the spring of 2015.  Being based in Florida, getting it home from Wyoming required some thought. Best MotoEuro buddy Neil has a son living in Grand Junction, CO. He and Rod met halfway and Dan took the bike home and stashed it for a few months. In August we planned to attend an MSTA rally in Woodland Park, CO. Despite the minor setback of heart surgery in June, we trailered the Triumph out there, loaded the Hodaka on board, had a fine time at the rally and returned home 4,100 miles later.

A couple of pictures, taken immediately after unloading at the Garage.
Upon arrival, inspection proved the Hodaka was beautifully, and correctly, restored. I determined to show it, along with my Sammy Miller trials bike, at the Hilton Head Concours. This show requires that motorcycles must run. 

The Hodaka did not. 

We began chasing electrical gremlins. And we found several. Each time we thought we had a Eureka! moment, and each time still no spark. Eventually, just hours before loading the trailer to head to SC, the resident electrical genius, Dr. Volt, tried one last time. Voila, one kick and she runs like a watch. 

We did have a bit of reconstruction to do as seen in this photo.

I was pretty disappointed at Hilton Head as the judges seemed to be less than knowledgeable about anything other than Harley Davidsons and BMWs. It wouldn't be so bad if they'd bother to talk to the owners, but rather simply ignored all the other models. After attending for several years, I'll now not bother returning until and unless they improve their judging teams.

In May 2016, at Riding Into History, the Hodaka was used as a display piece, announcing that the next year's show would feature Japanese motorcycles.

The week after RIH, I took it up to Barber Motorsport Park for the AMCA Lucas National Meet. The AMCA  judges to a 100 point total system, reducing points for deviations from original. I wanted it looked at by critical judges who knew Japanese motorcycles. 

The result was better than I could have hoped for, we received a score of 99 points. There were a couple of easily correctible  quarter point deductions should I decide to show it again.

For now though, I am very satisfied.

A few months later, after some reflection, I decided that I'd really rather keep playing with Bultacos and reluctantly offered the Hodaka for sale. It now resides in Texas with a fellow who had one as a youth and always wanted another. He's extremely happy; said it's better than he expected and literally better than new. Bike-Urious picked up on the ebay ad and posted a brief article.

And here's a 1972 advertisement. The 1972 100B+ was the final edition of the original Hodaka Ace line.