This 1973 750SF has been rebuilt to full SFC spec by renowned Laverda expert Wolfgang Haerter of Columbia Car & Cycle  in British Columbia. I stopped at his shop outside the rural village of Nakusp during a summer 2007 ride up to Alaska. The bike was only about 75% completed at that point but it was obvious that it would turn out great. On the return trip I stopped back, we discussed the project and made a deal. It took another four months to complete the Laverda then Wolfgang delivered it to the Federal Shippers depot in
Spokane. A week later it arrived here in Jax via Allied Van Lines.

After a bit of concours preparation I entered it into Riding Into History in 2008. The Laverda garnered a lot of attention (it's pretty hard to ignore that orange paint) and won the European Specials class. The only other show it was in was the Hilton Head concours d'elegance in 2011 (shown below) where it placed second in the International Motorcycle class behind my Moto Guzzi V7 Sport. Dennis Gage of TV was the Grand Marshal and he stated the Laverda was his favorite bike of the show.

Unfortunately, I never really felt comfortable riding the SFC, it was just too big and unwieldy for me, so in 2013 I put up on ebay. It sold to a Swiss collector of Italian exotics who is currently residing in Atlanta.


Wolfgang and his crew starting the SFC Replica for the first time. Here it is at World Golf Village for the RIH show.