Newly arrived in April 2015: 1976 Bultaco Matador Mk.9

The late model Matadors are bigger (350cc) and a little heavier (260 lbs.) than early models. They are also considerably more rare in the US as by 1975 the Japanese manufacturers were finally offering competent off-road bikes, and for less money. This particular motorcycle was listed on Craigslist in York, PA when I spotted it on a Thursday afternoon. After a short conversation with the owner, I knew I wanted it and offered to pick it up on the following Sunday. A few long days on the road and it was back in Florida.

It didn't run, the flywheel was off and there was a lot of dirt and detritus around the Femsa alternator. The tank had some scars, the original fender had been lost and it sported a pair of Preston Pettys, but it was otherwise very original and pretty much intact. I dropped it off at Chris and Alex's hobby shop A.C.E. (904-616-9416) and in about 90 minutes the old Bul was running sweet as new.

I'm going to take the bike apart, cleaning and polishing, repainting as necessary. Wear items like tires will be replaced, other parts will be rebuilt as needed, but the tank, seat, etc. will remain as is retaining the patina of an original survivor. I hope to complete the project by Spring 2016.

Here's a  shot of the Matador at Rich Fuesse's home in Red Lion, PA, loaded up and ready to head home, and one upon arrival at the Garage.

A few pictures of the early stages of the reconditioning. I plan on the most minimal restoration possible, to retain it's originality.

March 2016, finally finished. It seems most of my projects take a year and this one was no different. The paint is original. So is the seat. New fenders
were sourced in Spain. Correct shocks found under the workbench (!), most everything else was taken off, rebuilt, cleaned up and put back on.