Here's our newly acquired Metralla 62, the original Metralla - 200 cc, 4-speed. These were the bikes that cemented Bultacos reputation as giant killers. Winner at the Isle of Man and the Montjuich 24 hour endurance race, it bested all the Ducatis and other Italian exotica. Period reviews reported it was faster than current 500 Triumphs.

This particular example was purchased new in Spain by a US airman and brought home to California upon his discharge. Last registered in 1969, it remained in storage until the death of the airman's widow in 1995. A family friend bought it for his son. He got it running briefly but it stopped, so it sat until 2016 when I found a small ad and bought it. A true barn find of a fairly rare early Bul.

I spotted a small ad on the Classic Bultaco  web site (ex-Hughs Bultaco). These were the only photos. 

I called the owner, Jim H, he told me the back story and we made a deal, sight unseen.

Dan at DL Transport offered me a super delivery deal if I wasn't in a hurry. A couple months later 803463 arrived in Florida. Dan called it "a rust bucket",  it was  complete and original, but very needy; perfect resto project. 


The speedo shows only a bit over 5,000 kms,  and the motor turns over, but after so long in storage it needs to be taken down and inspected. So the first order is to pull it out and take it over to Chris at A.C.E. While that's going on I'll strip it down, perform as much rust removal as possible and then assess what can be saved and what must be replaced. One thing I know is that I will reinstall the original Spanish registration plate and taillight and finish it as delivered.

Photos and details to follow as the project continues with a goal of completion by May 2017 for Riding Into History show.

Progress report December, 2016: We found the reason the bike was parked, a screw had backed out of the points plate allowing the timing to slip. While at it Chris replaced the seals, honed the cylinder and installed new rings. Everything else looked perfect. Meanwhile, I tore down the bike, repaired, cleaned, polished and painted everything. And spent a ton of time excising a LOT of aluminum corrosion. The motor and front end are now in the newly painted frame. The wiring has been installed with the main switch and headlight. Meanwhile, Ed Teller did the paintwork and Painter John the striping. Chris relaced the refinished wheels, and now it's a roller.
Still some sorting out to do but finally off the lift and completed, February 2017.

In May, 2017 we set up a display of the four Metralla based bikes in our collection. The 62 was entered for judging and was selected as the Best European Vintage motorcycle.
The February 2023 issue of Hemmings included an article on Bultaco Metrallas and the restoration of this bike, you can read it here.
After the Hemmings article appeared, we decided to take the Metralla out of its office display retirement and show it at the 2-Stroke Show in Fort Myers, an interesting and 
growing event in its sixth year. 

The bike still shows beautifully and won many admirers as well as being awarded First Place in the European Class.

Point proven, she will resume her role as rolling office art.

Factory brochure shows it all new and shiny w/spec sheet. You can see they used a prototype for the photo, it lacks decals and differs in other minor details.