Looking for a Model 11 Bultaco Metisse, I called all over the US, went to the Mid-Ohio and Barber swap meets, and posted want ads.  Nada. One day scanning the Bultaco Facebook page, lo and behold, what appears but a Metisse for sale on Craigslist just a couple hours down the road right here in Florida. With over 75 comments on the listing I did not feel confident it would still be available. But I called anyway, had a nice chat with the owner and made an appointment to check it out the following morning. 

As it turned out, the owner, a really nice guy, was a serial restorer and collector of flat track type bikes. In fact his OSSA Dick Mann Replica had won its class at Riding Into History a couple of years before. He was selling a couple of motorcycles to fund the purchase of a vintage XR750 with race history. We pretty quickly recognized we were kindred spirits and commenced to discussing the Metisse. He had purchased it as an uncompleted project. It retained a few period race mods, had a fresh Lynn Mobley motor, and most other work done other than paint and assembly. The paint was done in an incorrect green (should be light yellow) and had been damaged by a pinhole leak in the fiberglass tank. A few parts, most notably the front fender were incorrect. But it was a complete, numbers matching example, and he thought me a suitable caretaker to finish it. We settled on a reasonable price and I loaded it up and was off in an hour.

Given the rarity of these old bikes, a lot of time is being spent on research to determine what is correct and what I need to do to properly finish the project

Here's a photo as purchased:

The July 1965 Cycle magazine road test is here, and a copy of the original factory catalog is below.