BMW introduced their first motorcycle in 1923. In 1998 they honored that tradition with the 75th Anniversary R100GS, 200 of which were made for the US market. I was smitten by this one in July of '98. Browsing at Daytona BMW a week before leaving on a planned cross country tour, I saw this GS and knew I had to have it. The Missus was not thrilled when I tyold her the R1100RS was being traded in on a new bike. In a week I had taken delivery, added a low mount Staintune system, mounted my RS bags, installed lights, put on 600 miles, got the first service, and was ready to depart for Missoula, MT and points north and west. Had the 6,000 mile service done in Edmonton, AB and returned home five weeks after departing with almost exactly 10,000 miles on the odo.

Subsequently we traveled many miles, visited all the lower 48 and most of Canada, completed an Iron Butt ride, and over six years covered nearly 100,000 miles with just one breakdown (damn you, Hall Sensor!). Lured by an R1200GS siren, I tentatively offered the bike up at a BMW meeting, only to have it snatched up by a fellow member. When last heard from he had added on another 50,000 miles. Good bike.


Here's a sampler of places we traveled to together.