The Streaker is probably the rarest Bultaco street legal bike in America. Only 28 examples were imported in 1978 before the EPA said "no mas" due to 2-stroke emissions. 

It is a vastly different motorcycle from its predecessors. Note the trellis frame, the aluminum disc brakes, alloy wheels, plus a six speed gearbox and cafe styling. 

Despite having only 118cc, the Streaker was a real pocket rocket capable of hitting 80mph. Thanks to a stiff frame, narrow build, typical Bultaco suspension, and an 87kg weight, it also handled exceptionally well.

To be honest, for a long time I preferred the older model Bultacos, but after finding a late Metralla GTS, I became more interested in the Streaker. They are, as expected, very hard to find, and rarely become available. Surprisingly, a June 2017 post on Facebook turned this one up in Tennessee.

Here's Bill, the fellow I bought it from, nice guy with an Astro and Kit America Metralla. The trip to Tennessee was smooth and comfy in my buddy Cecil's "digital truck", a new Honda Ridgeline.

The Streaker has only 714 miles from new and is completely original and runs fine, but it's a little shopworn from 30+ years of storage. It has also suffered a few expedient repairs that needed to be corrected, as well as the usual replacement of wear items. That, and the need to detail it necessitated a partial dismantling. The trick was to do only what is needed and no more, to retain the bike's originality. Hopefully, this has been accomplished.

March 2018 Update: After reassembling the bike, we could not get it to fire. The wiring had been a bit messed up when I got it, some wires were disconnected, but it had run OK. Now, all we had was a dull red spark. After much fiddling we had nothing. Lynn Mobley said that when Motronics lose spark it's generally the high tension coil. He sold me a new German replacement. Chris from A.C.E. Vintage helped sort out the extra wires, and the new coil did the trick. Now it's a first kick starter. A few days later I entered the Streaker in the AMCA's Sunshine Chapter National Meet. The chief judge loved its originality and it was awarded a 99.5 score and a Junior First.

Two months later at Riding Into History the Streaker was selected as the Best European motorcycle at the event, beating a host of BMWs and Ducatis. I was amazed by the amount of attention and comments the little bike attracted.

Latest Update: At the 2019 Sunshine Chapter National the Streaker received a Senior Award having again scored 99.5 points out of 100.