In the summer of 2010 I crashed my R1200GS and among other things, broke my pelvis. I was cleared to walk in November, and a few weeks later to ride. I knew I wanted a lighter bike and was pretty set on a BMW F650GS. Then I began to read the early British reports on Triumph's new Tiger 800. The more I learned, the more I knew it was the bike for me. Just before Christmas I went to the local dealer, the Tiger was still three months from its US debut, but I worked a pretty decent deal by paying in advance.

It wasn't until early April that the bike finally arrived. Just six weeks later I left with Bob (hip replacement) and Neil (just old) for UT and the World Superbike races. The Tiger turned out to be just what I'd hoped it would be and I've happily put the miles on it since.


On the way to UT in 2011. In NM on the way to Athabasca, BC in 2013.


Outside Leadville, CO during the 2012 MSTA STAR rally.

The Tiger proved to be a terrific sports tourer, comfortable, fun, and reliable. Together we covered 33,000 miles including four cross country trips. Other than a holed radiator on the first trip to Utah, it never failed me, and did it all on the original chain and sprockets.
In March of 2018 I found myself looking at Yamaha's latest MT-07. I felt this bike could be a suitable replacement for both the Versys and the Tiger 800. No longer doing coast to coast touring, the Triumph was getting little use. The Kawasaki was fun around town but a little sketchy on the interstate. The Yamaha promised a nice balance of performance (70 HP) and light weight (400 LBS). Subsequently, I traded both towards a 2018 Mt-07.