In the summer of 2013 I sold my '02 MZ Baghira. I'd had it for a decade and liked it, but decided it was time for something a little more laid back and lower key for lunch rides. After some research, I decided a Triumph Scrambler would fill my needs, so I went to a local powersports dealer to get a good look at one in person. It was nice enough, but sitting nearby was a Moto Guzzi V7 Special, a retro tribute to the legendary V7 Sport. I was blown away by the fit, finish, and overall look of the Guzzi. I also found it smaller, lighter, and lower than the Triumph. That it was cheaper was just the cherry on top.

The dealer wasn't really a dealer I guess as he refused to deal off the MSRP. Off to the various online shopping services. Cycle Trader showed a number of dealers indicating a desire to sell at reduced prices. I emailed about half a dozen in places I was willing to travel to. Ultimately,I put a deal together with Redline Performance in Yorktown, VA that saved enough money to make it worth going up there to pick it up. In fact the savings also covered several days visiting the colonial parks located in the area. It was a very cordial and painless transaction. Terri and I used the V7 to commute around the area then loaded it up on our little Baxley trailer hitched to the Sprinter and headed home.

To date the Guzzi is performing its role just perfectly. It's fun to ride, actually feels as retro as it looks. Speaking of looks, this bike of all my newer ones has gotten the most positive attention, people just love the way it looks.


It's Italian so why not pizza? On the other hand, here in Jax, Checker is the place to go.


For the more technically inclined, this is the specs page from the factory brochure.